Our Menu


Delightful Italian Beginnings to Tempt Your Palate

Clams Oreganto
with Italian breadcrumb stuffing

with fresh plum tomato sauce

Fried Calamari
served with sweet or spicy sauce

Zuppa Di Clams
with fresh plum tomato sauce

Arancine Sicilia style Riceballs
filled with mozzarella, peas, meat sauce

topped with diced tomato, basil, light garlic oil

Fresh Mozzarella Fritters
served with sauce

Eggplant Rollatini
filled with ricotta cheese topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella


Seafood Salad

Calamari Salad

Roasted Peppers, Mozzarella, Prosciutto

Arugula Salad with Cherry Tomatoes
and Caramelized Onions (drizzled with sweet balsamic glaze)

Antipasto Salad

Caesar Salad

House Salad

add chicken or shrimp to any salad


Pasta Fagioli

Tortellini in Brodo


Soup of the Day


with Asparagus cream pesto sauce & pine nuts

Spaghetti with Broccoli Rabe & Shrimp
with a light garlic and oil sauce and touch of tomato

with fresh Clam Sauce white or red sauce

Linguini Pescatore
clams, mussels, scungili, calamari and shrimp in garlic oil and plum tomato fresh basil sauce

Lobster Ravioli

with a light cream sauce

Ravioli of the Day

with Marinara or Alfredo Sauce

Rigatoni Bolognese
with Italian style meat sauce

Rigatoni Alla Vodka
in tomato cream vodka sauce

with meatballs or sausage

Spaghetti Puttanesca
olives, garlic, capers, anchovies, in a plum tomato basil sauce

Spaghetti Melanzane
with grilled eggplant in plum tomato basil sauce

Cavatelli and Broccoli
in a garlic and oil with touch of tomato

Tortellini or Fettuchine
in Alfredo sauceLasagna



Chicken Parmigiana
topped with mozzarella & marinara sauce

Chicken Francese, Marsala or Piccata

Grilled Chicken Amoré
marinated grilled chicken topped with roasted peppers, homemade mozzarella in a balsamic glaze

Veal Parmigiana
topped with mozzarella & marinara sauce

Veal Francese or Marsala

Veal Saltimbocca
topped with prosciutto, mozzarella served over sautéed spinach

Veal Milanese
served over tomato, onion and arugula salad with lemon olive oil

Eggplant Parmigiana
topped with mozzarella & marinara sauce

Eggplant Rollatini
filled with ricotta & topped with mozzarella

Eggplant & Chicken Parmigiana
layered with marinara sauce & mozzarella

Grilled Atlantic Salmon
sautéed with shitaki mushrooms, roasted peppers in a wine sauce topped

with leeks
Stuffed Flounder
with Maryland crab meat & herbs in a provincial sauce

Shrimp Fra Diavolo
served over linguini (spicy)

Shrimp Parmigiana
topped with mozzarella & marinara sauce

Shrimp Francese or Scampi

Calamari Marinara
with fresh plum tomatoes, basil, garlic & olive oil, served over linguini
Flounder Francesewhite wine lemon sauce

All Dinner Entrees Served with Salad or Pasta and Bread

Whole Wheat or Gluten Free Pasta additional cost



fresh mozzarella, plum tomato sauce,
pecorino romano, extra virgin olive oil and basil

Prosciutto & Arugula

cherry tomato, fresh mozzarella, light tomato sauce,
topped with prosciutto, arugula, pecorino, and extra virgin olive oil after baked


crumbled pork sausage, broccoli rabe, fresh mozzarella,
pecorino romano, extra virgin olive oil

Bianco Pizza

our three cheese pizza with ricotta,
mozzarella and parmigiana cheese


sliced plum tomato, eggplant, fresh basil,
parmigiana, fresh mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil


tomato sauce and shredded mozzarella

Shrimp & Broccoli Rabe

Sautéed shrimp, broccoli rabe, fresh mozzarella,

 pecorino romano, extra virgin olive oil



Indulge in our classic Cannoli, crispy pastry shell filled with sweet, creamy ricotta and a hint of citrus, garnished with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Limoncello Cake

Our heavenly Limoncello Cake is soaked with Italy’s famous lemon liqueur, layered with a light lemon cream, and finished with a gentle dusting of powdered sugar

Chocolate Lava Cake

Surrender to the temptation of our warm Chocolate Lava Cake. With a soft exterior and a heart of molten chocolate, each bite is a delightful chocolate escape.

Chocolate Lave Cake with Gelato

Elevate your chocolate adventure with our Chocolate Lava Cake paired with a scoop of creamy Gelato. The cool richness of the gelato complements the warm, gooey chocolate, creating a duo of textures and flavors.


Dive into layers of espresso-soaked ladyfingers, mascarpone cream, and a dusting of cocoa in our authentic Tiramisu, a perfect blend of bold coffee and sweet creaminess.


Refresh your palate with our tangy and sweet Sorbet, a light and icy treat made from the freshest fruits, offering a clean, cool finale to your meal.


Awaken your senses with our rich Cappuccino, a harmonious blend of robust espresso and steamed milk,topped with a perfect foam cap.


Experience the boldness of Italy with a shot of our finely brewed Espresso, a concentrated burst of coffee flavor with a smooth finish.


Steep in serenity with our selection of fine teas, each cup providing a calm, aromatic escape.

American Coffee

Enjoy the comfort of our American coffee, a smooth and rich blend that’s a gentle pick-me-up, perfectly brewed to start or cap off your meal.


Indulge in our Tartufo, a decadent Italian truffle ice cream with a cherry and almond center, enveloped in a chocolate shell, a traditional delight with a heart of surprise.

Delight in a scoop of our velvety Gelato, Italy’s smoother and denser take on ice cream, available in a variety of classic flavors that are churned to perfection.